My attempt at doing a 5 colour reduction woodcut on a $0.20 piece of wood from the scrap bin at Rona. It really disintegrated and filled in rapidly but I kind of enjoy the overall effect.



My first waterless edition.  Hoping to develop more waterless prints around the same theme.

hollow face

Not overly proud of these prints, but they do show I am still learning about the mechanics of stone lithography.

Bubbles, Celestial Defender of Kitties

Oil painting, 32*38". Sold.


artist's book

Pages I did for a conceptual book with Anya Mielniczek and Scott MacDonald.


more oil paintings

ontario hall is burning


This is a four colour reduction woodcut (or "suicide block", as our prof at the time called it) done in collaboration with Emily Turner. Our goal was simple: design a WWII Soviet style propaganda poster to protest proposed budget cuts to the fine arts department.  For whatever reason, we decided to do an edition of about 300.  That means that we ran this block through the press close to 1200 times(!>?'!!)  We then postered them all over campus in the dead of night.  I have included a few single and multi-colour prints to show some of our process.

This print was one of the winners of CBC's 'Love, Hate & Propaganda' poster contest.

joyce wieland's box

knit laptop