drawing, week 1: fun-guy

Soon to come in a wide variety of colours, thanks to the magic of waterless lithography:


a vintage project and a lost project

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A completely recyclable dress. From 200...8? Materials: bubble wrap, string, electrical tape, numerous plastic bottles, paperclips, bottlecaps.  Along similar lines, last year I made a coat out of an emergency blanket, of which this is the only surviving photo:

It's definitely lost somewhere in the abysses of Ontario Hall.


drawing on stone

Just a little portrait I did for fun on a rainy night when avoiding the walk home from studio.  This was my crayon drawing on the limestone before I did the etch.  Never really got any good prints off it... during an attempt at regaining some of the lighter tones in the proofing stage it got ruined in a mishap with my prof and some tannic acid. It happens.